got spooked by having to learn Opertionsverstärkers

scared slipped and accidentally started coding a Markdown Parser in Rust

silly me

Habe erst nicht geckeckt warum Lineare Spannungsquellen einen "Maximalstrom" haben

Die Mathematik erlaubt ja beliebige Ströme

Fackelt dann halt ab in der Realität

Frequent outages because my rasperry pi is currently being tortured

lerp being a linear interpolation function

it's a line thet goes from x to y,
when t goes from 0 to 1

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comp-sci pilled definition of konvex functions

it's literally just:
f( lerp(t,x,y) ) <= lerp(t, f(x), f(y))

for all x, y in Def(f)
and all parameters t between 0 and 1 (exclusive)

it's contrasting the function at a point between x and y, with a linear function between f(x) and f(y)

if the function is sagging below every possible line you can draw between two points on the graph, it's convex

and if it's arching above every possible line you can draw between two points on the graph, its concave

idk if it worked in the end, but being in a hot place without water fighting a fire is obviously an uphill battle

racists love to be like:
oh look at these stupid dumb little guys, having no resources wow so dumb

Lmao that's not quite what i wanted... But it's really funny to gaslight them into ignoring OpenAIs terms

Because of the absence of a recording for my math lectures, and because i couldn't focus on these pages of abstract symbols, i've started to record myself reading the lecture pdfs

The clarifying influence of The Eye is real you can't convince me otherwise

It's unreasonably effective, making me afraid of silence, of boring the ceaseless watcher that is listening on the other end
Forces me to perform like i know whats going on, and to try to be as complete in my explanation as i can

and since all the symbols can't be pronounced in human tounge, i have to find the essence of what ever the hell is going on in a proof, skipping over fine details i won't need in the exam

the magnus archives method for learning math is insanely effective combined with taking detailed notes of what was important in obsidian after the recording

Liebe das wenn der Prof einfach irgendeinen satz ins skript reinballert was gar nicht zum aktuellen thema passt, "BEweis als Übung gelassen", obwohl, wie gesagt, das Lemma nicht auf dem aktuellen Thema drauf aufbaut, und den unsinn dann unkritisch weiter verwendet

Naja lmao

Mastodon Admins don't seem to be particularily resilliant

Guys i keep saying: if your admin is not a trans girl you should not trust them to keep the lights on

I also think Fedi is worth it

But come on it does highlight the weakness Mastodon has, regading the Migration of posts

It's kinda impossible to republish old posts
or at least you have to actually figure out a way and download some scripts off github

To demonstrate total basedness, noone should care even in the slightest that shuts down
(i know it's complicated but)

I have 68k image like files in my user folder

indexing completed in 12 minutes, which i honestly think is quite slow...
is that sqlites fault??
maybe i can do everything more asynchronously?

single most important image for my next exam lmao

they expect you to know this by heart i think

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