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still in awe how anyone with either a brain or any kind of self respect could write a sentence like "killing the sick could save money: report"
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@nosleep @vriska sameee though i actually remember searching for locked diaries (not pink)
On several occations and for ages

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@vriska @vriska i wanted one as a little boy and i was really mad they only made them for girls
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the spline video is finally rendering ;-; i did it sdhfsgd

Std::shared_ptr is what you get when you order "Rust Borrow checker" from aliexpress

Flying the flag of your city? Your region? your club? Your sect? A flag of a different nation?
Your cult?

... That's a statement
Flying an American flag in america...
Flying a german flag in germany...

Yes. We're sure here. It's not like i didn't notice all these years.
You trying to represent our nation in the ...national arena? Maybe try the global arena bozo!?
Who are you trying to impress bro i am here too

idk i'm not like... against it but
flying a german flag in germany is just kinda???
it's like writing window.window.window.window.window.<smth>
in javascript like yes i know where i am

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Did you know that there is other software on the Mastodon Network? That's right, there are alternatives for a lot of big platforms on here.

There is Pixelfed for Instagram, Peertube for YouTube, and WriteFreely for Medium.
There are also alternatives to Mastodon such as ██████ or █████ tha—

We apologize for the interruption. The handler of this account suddenly felt unwell and somebody else had to take over.
Anyway, never forget that we are still on the :mastodon: Mastodon :mastodon: Network.

@neo Funny because German is actually a word mate up by the Roman wannabe-colonizers (colonizing failed)

And it's pronounced differently that "Man"

It's pronounced "Germāne" with a long a
There are actually words in german derived from Man where you can at least have the discussion

But germane is like... not that
I do think this kind of convo is kinda bait tho its worth remembering that advocacy for gendered language usually isn't this braindead

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I think i just commit3d an act of bioterrorism

I think i may have covid and i just went to work anyway

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@lain they're on that bull

It's obviously the fear of the suffering-spike every time you pick up a challenging or undesirable task

The fear of the pain that comes with being confused, lost, insecure

Also zusammengefasst soll jeder Weg Pointer für alle Fahrzeuge haben, die darauf fahren

Jedes Fahrzeug hat ein Pointer zu einem Fahrverhalten

Jedes Verhalten hat einen Pointer auf den Weg auf dem das fahrzeug ist (warum??)

absolut hirnrissiges design actually?

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