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wild how like
microwave ovens are a device that produces several thousand volts and puts it in a device called a "magnetron" to generate death rays

and it's used to heat food
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We we have custom emojii btw :catjam: :giga_chad: :amogus:

If you happen to need one just hmu i'll add

Heyyy @slakish
Hoffe du findest es hier nice gibt hauptsächlich deutsche, banger memes und so programming shit

Kannst das farbschema in den einstellungen ändern wenns dir nicht gefällt hat so einige eckige kanten im css und ist auch zugegeben sehr pink

Yess hoffe kommst zu recht und so somst hmu

Imagine actually watching this world cup

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Normalize going to sleep early (i am in bed now but - its already not early anymore its 2oclock)


Blocked for being a sus imposter instance

(Given the name, it might just be what they want me to do. I'll happily comply)

Look if your instance is working properly and you stop hosting your profile pics on gddamn imigur i'll remove the block

But yk
You gotta fence off the open pits on construction sites right

Yk what?
I changed my mind they're def on that bull

Your outbox url is on another server and redirects to a blank page with a query oarameter that reads
"How to buy nft"

Yall think you can troll me lmao nah

Just got a follow request from @[email protected]

I'm a little bit confused
Since their instance is broken, doesn't have a website, mastodon not recognizing/acknowledging the fields in the actor json

Etc etc
Def seems like someone coded a minimal setup to juuust about get it federating

I'd almost blocked it thinking it was some sort of sheme but hey i rhink someones just experimenting.
Good work. I recieved your message

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Wieder Weinglas zerbrochen... 😔

Muss bald ausm Blechnapf saufen

Two week old mastodon admins with the worst takes imaginable

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Christmas decorations are going up! You’ve got the tree, lights, asbestos… Wait, what?

For decades, asbestos was sold as artificial snow. It could be bought in boxes to be sprinkled onto trees, ornaments, nativity scenes, etc. It was so popular, many older ornaments still have traces of asbestos.

It was also used in film. The most famous scene with asbestos snow is in Wizard of Oz (1939), when snow falls on Dorothy and her friends, waking them up.

#histodons @histodons #christmas

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people who dont want tumblr to adopt activitypub are unfamiliar with how goated tumblr currently is

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