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Point being you can come to my flat and eat smth if you want

It's kind of sad to have poured so much effort into cooking a banger meal and then there's noone around to profit from your work except yourself

God really made me and said "let him cook"

Why does this require so much effort
Why do i have to do everything so correclty and diligently to the point that the task makes my capacity for work overflow

Why is success so ill-defined in studying??

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Ist mastodon jetzt der erste Schritt zum Kommunismus oder machen wir den Quatsch hier umsonst

Diese @VQuaschning Vorschlag ist das ehrenloseste was ich länger gehört habe

Aber gefällt mir irgendwie
❌Keine Solidarität mit den Bayern ❌

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Die Anti-#Windkraft-Politik von #CSU und Co. und fehlende #Leitungen in Süddeutschland machen den Strom für alle teuer. Wir brauchen mehrere Strompreiszonen und entfernungsabhängige #Netzentgelte, damit #Bayern und #BaWü auch für die von ihnen verursachten Kosten aufkommen.

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No longer proxiying my new diary through Cloudflare 💀 💀

Is it so normal to give your partner access to your phone and all your socials?

Seems extremely scary

i might be in a slightly manic mental state

Suddenly understand what those girls who feel attracted to unhinged and deranged men are on about

Sometimes you just want stromg hands to closer over your mouth while you scream

(Giggling profusely as i tyoe this)

Hahaha got off twitter with a full index of all my twitter conversations before the fuckers closed the gates

Let's fcking go

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@konni if you are reading this post you are shadowcursed for eternity

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Audio Effects Explained

🏴‍☠️Stolen and reposted with alt text

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reminder that sex is gay and cringe and having it is lame, if you think having sex will fix literally any issue in your life that does not involve a tragic impairment completely preventing any form of masturbation, then you are wrong, it won't help
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